Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skyrim is out


obviously this is all that I have been doing for the weekend, I could pre-emptively give this game my Game of the Year award, if it weren't for the fact that I haven't yet played Zelda:Skyward Sword because that game has an equal chance for getting the award, but I can definitely give Skyrim my best RPG and biggest gameworld awards without a second thought.

anyway, naturally the gameworld is beyond huge, is massive. fit for an elder scrolls game of course. there is also so much to do, this bears repeating, there IS SO MUCH TO DO.

here's just a quick tale of an hour of adventuring last night.
I cleared out a tower of werewolf hunters, and came out with a ton of metal and ores, I traveled to the central city, Whiterun, and smithed all the metal I could get into daggers to quickly raise my smithing skill and sell them, I didn't make much money back from the trip, but I did get from 36 smithing to 60, which was great.
then I decided to visit the imperial legion, but due to a previous quest I had in that location, I needed to remove my bounty first. so I head to the thieves guild to get my bounties erased.

finally I arrive in the imperial city of Solitude. so I head up to the castle, on the way, I hear the voice of an Argonian (Lizard people, my favorite race) asking me for help, I talk to him, him and his sister are planning to wreck a boat and take the treasure, I agree.

first step, put out the lighthouse, easy enough. just a quick run to the lighthouse and getting to the flame, simple.

then I find the mission giver again, apparently he and his sis' run a band of marauders, I had hoped they were freelance treasure hunters, but nope.
naturally, I suspected a trap.
so the guy tells me where to find the wreck and my "cut" of the loot. yeah, right.

I head to the wreck, and SURPRISE! it was a trap. yeah,

*sound of a sword being unsheathed, screams of pain and surrender*
yeah, you don't mess with my character in close quarters. ever.
at this point, the original questgiver was still at large, but I had to get off and go to sleep at this point.

also, hooray, 100 hits.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Darned absences.

sorry I was away, again.

on the upside, Skyrim, 5 days, WOOHOO!!!

sorry for the caps lock

anyhow, this time I was away on vacation to my dad's house, normally, my parents are divorced, and under casual circumstances, I would change houses every week on the monday, however, due to the fact I have relatives (1 year, 5, and 10) staying for a few months, studying has become near impossible over there, so I have been at my mothers house primarily for schoolwork.

on the other hand, my Dad's place is in some ways nicer, the primary issue being that at my mothers house, our television just died, its non-functional. I cannot play console games at my mothers house at all, which is aggravating, Skyrim is on the console so I need to go to my dad's place this weekend.

oh yeah, I get a AP European history test next monday, JOY, I lose Skyrim time =(

then, I need to go back to my dad's place every time I want to play Skyrim, which means my Let's play will be staggered, until I can fix my TV at my mothers place at least.

on that note, I have my PSP and Gods Eater Burst at my moms, so I will be getting back to that tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gods Eater Progress

Having an update at last.

Managed to make some story (and equipment) progress in Gods Eater. first I'm going into the gear, because thats the easiest part to talk about.

I've used primarily Longswords and occasionally I use the short blade, not a big fan of buster swords to be honest, in the same vein, I alternate between sniper guns and Assault, still never using my shield for anything other then stat boosts.

I need to constantly get new gear because keeping up with the elements is tough, I use fire the most though, there are plenty of good farmable aragami weak to fire. Longswords, just like in monster hunter, are also extremely high DPS, your allies with new type God Arcs can use an ability called link burst, this is a super mode more powerful then the ordinary burst, and at level three, when combined with the longswords ability to fire a short range explosion, is insanely powerful, the "Impulse Edge" normally takes both stamina and Bullet energy to use, and cannot be used more then 5 times consecutively, however, with a level 3 link burst, stamina and Bullets recharge almost as fast as they are used, allowing me to chain Impulse on a monster as many times as necessary, this often leads to a stagger, and I can stunlock the beast to defeat almost instantly after getting the link burst, its somewhat overpowered, especially if you get abilities to boost Impulse's damage and your element damage, its strong.

secondly, the plot has been making considerable progress past its originally stereotyped beginnings, I am giong to spoil more of the plot below now..


first of all, the player character is made the leader of squad one since Lindow has died. because of this, you start getting assigned special missions from both the definately secretly evil scientist. and the just as obviously Lawful-evil executive of Shinra, I mean Fenrir, well, the organisation does remind me a lot of Shinra in Final fantasy 7: Crisis Core....
wait a minute, in Gods Eater, it was recently revealed that Soma (the ineffectual loner with a big sword) is not only the Directors son, but he was also injected with Jenova... I mean Oracle cells in the womb and his mother died in Childbirth, and he is the prototype for all SOLDI- I mean God Eaters, and, there is a black haired mentor figure who dies, and the player character assumes his place. oh man, this is funny, I think FF7:Crisis Core and Monster Hunter had a child and Named it Gods Eater Burst, what other parallels can I find?
well, that is yet to be seen, but I'll get to the unique plot points,

notably, one recent mission I finished ended with the Scientist (Doc. Sakaki, not Hojo, he certainly isn't as outwardly evil) laying bait and capturing a new aragami, an aragami that happens to have assumed the form of a human and with the ability to speak, as well al learn things instantaneously, this creature (named Shio) has a very enthusiastic manner of speach and a completely alien personality, something that, when written well, is one of my favorite characters in fiction. Shio also notices that Soma is Half Aragami and mentions it a few times, and she is the only being that Soma even slightly opens up around, despite being very suspicious of her (it?) also, there are hints that Angeal- I mean Lindow isn't dead (of course!) his Gods Eater bracelet has been emitting a signal, and I suspect a future mission will involve going to look for it.

Soma will become evil, or turn into a full Aragami.
Lindow has turned into a monster and the part of his personality still left hates it,
The Hero will inherit Lindows sword.
The Hero (whom I now wish I named Zack) will die a heroic sacrifice.


Monday, October 31, 2011

Keeping a singular schedule is tough

especially with all the things going on this week, I unfortunately have not been making Progress in Gods Eater, in fact, I haven't been making progress in anything except my studies, however, there is a light at the end of this horrible tunnel, less then a week from now, Skyrim will finally release, and my Let's Play/Gaming Log for TES V will start the minute I get the game, I have seen the leaked footage of the beginning of the game, and can safely say it looks epic. don't worry, I should be able to update Gods Eater tomorrow, though I promise Nothing.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Same Game, new features.

Alright, this post has spoilers in it, so if you are the kind of person who hates them, please skip the part that I label as a spoiler.

First off, lets go into one other detail found in Gods Eater that MH doesn't have, you can bring AI controlled team mates in with you, most of them have God Arcs locked in one form, but they are all useful to have, and the AI is rather good.


Alright, so lets just say the awesome leader guy Lindow, he dies, he dies because the only other New Type (transforming god arc) Hunter was brainwashed into killing him, long story short, he left a hidden message, and Alisa (the brainwashed one) gets better, so at the moment, the plot seems to be to find out Lindows message, thats about it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gods Eater Burst early impressions.

when I see this game on the internet, nearly everyone says "Monster Hunter with plot" while this is a serviceable explanation, it does not fit the bill exactly, though the plot of Monster Hunter literally boils down to just doing your job (except Tri, which has some trappings of a plot, though it is paper thin) Gods Eater (which in game is said just God Eater) has actual characters and development, and while so far they are all cookie cutter stereotypes (bubbly, crazy girl, Loner with a big sword, Awesome Leader, Silent Protagonist, scientist that just screams "Evil Agenda") its more then you would get in MH, the concept is also rather interesting, in the future (when else?) a race of ambiguously alien beings with a unique cell system came down and started eating the earth's ecosystem, so the God Eaters were formed, the only weapons that hurt the creatures (Aragami) are their own matter, the so called "Oracle Cells" so the core of an Ara' is taken and refined into a weapon, A "God Arc" and the Gods Eaters have a special bracelet that keeps the Arc from eating them, sadly, the weapons themselves don't have a personality to speak of despite being alive. when it comes to gearing up for battle, the biggest differences from MH arise, there are 3 pieces of gear with 3 variations each, along with a passive control unit and two passive upgrades, you equip a gun mod (Sniper, Assault, or Cannon) a Blade mod (Short, Long, Buster) and a Shield mod (Buckler, Normal, Tower) each piece has unique stats of course, and most bestow abilities to your character, the passive Items also give upgrades, with the control units giving enough power to almost define classes. the combat holds many differences as well, control is fairly different, and combat must be balanced by appropriately switching between sword and gun mode, the blade combat reminds me of MH, with each blade almost being a fold of two classes in MH, (short is like Sword and Lance, Long is like Longsword and Gunlance, Buster is Hammer and Greatsword, all somewhat vaguely) each slash will generate energy for your gun, different bullets in the gun (which I will get to later) cost differing amounts of points. each blade also has unique functions, short is obviously agile, with good dodging and combo cancels, along with great aerial control, Long has average speed and power, with its fierce attack being a dash that can both deal damage and dodge, on top of that, the Long blade has the "Impulse Edge" attack, each blade has a pre-set ammo type (as far as I have seen, all close range) that can be fired very easily without having to switch. and of course the Buster is slower (though still not sluggish) with long range, that only increases when you use the obligatory chargeable slash. all close combat weapons have the powerful devour attack, by holding the triangle button, it is slow, and the range isn't great, but if you pull it off, you get a special limited ammo type, unique to each monster, and enter Burst Mode. Burst increases your attack power, speed, and stamina recovery, also, every weapon can change the end of a combo into a quick devour that only gives one Aragami bullet and half the burst bar.

The second part of your arc is the shield, I have actually not used mine for anything but stat tweaking yet, I dodge too much, in fact, my current shield has dodge up and dodge master, so I don't know that much, shielding is probably more useful with Buster blades, but I favor the Long.

Guns deserve a section all their own, this is the single most complicated ranged combat I have ever seen. from what I've seen so far, there are 5 elements, fire, Ice, Lightning, Divine, and Healing, along with multiple bullet types, I can't even count, but the basics are regular round, explosive, and laser, with plenty of variations for each, each bullet can be customized with up to 64 "chips" for example, the lightning laser takes up four, from there, you could add one laser of all the other elements, (though that would bump up the energy cost significantly) or make it stop in midair, turn to face the nearest foe, and fire another laser, fire 3 orbs in a midair triangle that fire off lasers at regular intervals, make a machine gun. anything. The three gun classes are fairly simple, Sniper has good range and bonus to lasers, Assault has a high fire rate, and Cannons get a bonus to explosive rounds.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Monster Hunting Genre

first things first, sorry i was out for a few days, caught some kind of virus and was too miserable to write anything, its a miracle I finished my homework.

anyhow, I'm going to be doing a longer post today, I'll be detailing the "Monster Hunting" genre of games, and my particular love for it.

The Genre Kicked off with the eponymous "Monster Hunter" released on the Playstation 2 by Capcom, whatever they thought about it, i do not believe they predicted how much of a hit it would be. The game sold like wildfire in its homeland of the Rising Sun, but sadly, due to a low marketing budget in The States, the series hasn't taken off in the west. this can be attributed to a number of things, most notably Difficulty, and convenience.

first of all, the well documented, crushing, but oh so loveable difficulty, Monster Hunter pulls no punches, it takes the Action RPG and slams on a healthy dose of realism (not too much realism of course, but just enough) your Hunter's Massive Greatsword is swung like, well, a massive greatsword, each swing takes considerable startup, and your movement with it out is a snails pace, (though mysteriously when it's sheathed you move normally) you need to put your weapons away to use items, this takes a few precious seconds (more then enough for your character to get turned to paste) then, if you want to use your healing item, it takes another few seconds to use, did I mention your massive prey is programmed to take advantage of these oppurtunities?

thats just the items, you can only dodge so much, until your stamina runs out and you need to let it recharge, your maximum stamina is directly tied to hunger, it lowers over time, and you need to eat to keep it up, your weapon (close combat weapons at least) have sharpness, that must be kept up if you don't want your carefully timed swings to bounce off, it obviously takes several seconds to pull out a whetstone and sharpen your blade.

despite all this, every single battle boils down to the hunter's skill, your dodging, attacking, and item using timing prowess must be spot on, every single move of your weapon has a use, you must master them all, you must balance your armor skills and your weapons statistics to optimize for almost every single hunt, these hunts are like a wild dance, a flow of dodges, strikes, frantic item using, and planning, to finally take down the massive Dino with a thousand cuts from your giant knife (or maybe normal sized knife, giant toothpick, hammer, crossbow gun thing, bow, whatever.) every single strike was earned, it is a true test of skill vs. strength, and you had better hope your skill is enough.

by the time you get through the tutorial, any weapons or armor you buy will be completely obselete, to remain competitive, you must loot your kills, crafting a new suit of armor from the natural armor of your quarry, your blades made from gathered bones and mined ore, ammo for your bowgun made from seeds and exotic fruit, your potions from herbs and mushrooms (be careful not to eat the wrong 'shroom!)

Monster Hunter takes its concept quite seriously, but it is fair, and very fun once you can get over the learning cliff. of course, all these things are great, but the real reason the series has taken off is simple, convenience.

I do not have the exact numbers, but the first few console MH games sold poorly compared to the portable titles. Capcom, realizing that the first games online multiplayer was great, but that so many people in Japan are always on the go, released Monster Hunter Freedom, an expansion to the original PS2 Title, Freedom sold unbelieveably well in Japan where nearly everyone can fire up their PSP and find a local Hunting team (bringing down Giant Beasts is always more fun with a team of course) but since American Gamers usually cannot maintain the 30 feet range to play MH locally so the PSP titles didn't sell very well across the pond, in fact, they were sadly probably not worth the investment, and the most recent portable title, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, hasn't come out in america.

The only success found with this series in america is the console titles, of which there are merely two, MH1, (MH2 was released only on Japanese PS2's,) and Tri, Tri is the most recent console title, and has finally validated the series to America, it probably wouldn't have gotten translated if it weren't for the efforts of Nintendo.

My favorite Game Company is hopefully pushing MH into america, Tri has online infrastucture and a far more friendly learning curve, so much that it has almost pushed one million units in america. Nintendo appears to have sealed a deal with Capcom, as the series next title, Monster Hunter Tri G. will be released exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS, localization has not been confirmed as of this writing, but I can hope.

anyway, on to the absolutely massive success of this franchise, I have not communicated it very well, suffice it to say Monster Hunter is the Japanese Call of Duty, it sells over there that well, several millions in the first week of a new title's release, shockingly large figures,

naturally this outstanding success has attracted the attention of other companies, so much that "MH Clones" are practically their own genre, naturally few of them can match the original Juggernaut, but a few are supposedly worth checking out.

being that my TV is currently unable to play videogames (long story) and I have sold my last PSP MH title, I have decided to go for something new. God's Eater Burst.

GEB is the updated release of the original God's Eater, only in Japan of course. the series features many differences from MH, primarily that it takes place After the Apocalypse, and giant demons roam the earth, your anime-esque hero wields a unique weapon built from the cells of the enemy monsters, it is capable of switching between a close combat weapon and a ranged weapon easily, this is one of the things that intrigue me, but the main thing is certainly the ranged weapon mode.

the ranged weapon is far from the relatively simplistic Bowguns of Monster Hunter, your bullets are custom made just like the ones in MH, but instead of taking a recipe to make, say, a shotgun bullet, in GEB you actually get a huge list of sliders, minutely tweaking hundreds of variables, you can go for a simple shotgun pellet sure, but what about a bullet that stops in midair, then spews out fire in a plume like a volcano? as I understand this is totally possible, and of course encouraged, since creativity is necessary in the fights. if things go my way, I'll have God's Eater Burst later tpday, and I may do an extended play journal, since I lack the equipment to record directly for my youtube channel.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

rather quickly posted list of my favorite games of all time.

rather quick and rough list of my five favorite games of all time

5. The World Ends With You
this game is the modern Earthbound, a modern setting, a rather unique take on the RPG genre, staggering complexity, and a very shocking ending, its too much for me to cover in a single paragraph in a single post suffice to say it is very different from other JRPGS, and certainly not for everyone, but if any modern game deserves to be a cult classic, its TWEWY

4. Pokemon Emerald

The Hoenn region is by far my favorite in pokemon, its green, the pokemon designs were quite original, and features both land and sea in equal parts, it helps that is has my favorite starter of all time (Sceptile) and was fairly balanced in terms of abilities and move combinations.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

I'm not very good at traditional 2D fighters, I completely suck at street fighter, and I'm not to great in Mortal Kombat 9 either. the only traditional 2D fighter I can be competitive in is MvC3, it might be that the characters have great and easy to use comboes, it might be that each fight is more fun when there are 3 life bars to go through, it may be that its the only one I'm particularly great at, but I like it

2. Super Smash Bros Brawl

the smash series was my first ever video game series ever, I love it to death, normally I would put Melee and not brawl in this slot, but with mods, Brawl takes that crown

Metroid Prime 1.


another game I would need an entire essay to espouse the genius of, lets just say part of the reason it is so great is that it was so unexpected, a traditional sidescroller going 3d? and first person at that? mario made it work, Link made it work, and Retro Studios gave Samus a fantastic first person adventure, a few control quirks aside, this game is near perfect in execution.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Difficulty in video games.

being a Connosiuer of "electronic entertainment media" I find that in recent years, Video games are becoming easier as they go more mainstream,

no I am not some kind of difficulty hipster, I realize the need for a broader demographic appeal for this fairly new form of media to continue to exist. however, for those of us who take video games way too seriously, "casual difficulty" amounts to hand-holding baby mode that someones grandmother could get through. this won't fly

there is definately a point where the game is "too easy" the line for too easy is not clearly defined, and is sort of vague, basically, its the point where your character is perfectly capable of slaughtering endless amounts of generic enemies, at the same time, this can be quite fun, see for example, Prototype.

barring games that are too easy (which can usually be rectified by some kind of difficulty setting) are games that are too hard.

I love a challenge, and there isn't really a point where the game gets too hard, "hard" in this case, only applies to fair difficulty.

a perfect example of fair difficulty, is Monster Hunter. the entire series is built on the concept of fighting massive beasts that dwarf the player character, defeating these monsters requires more reflexes and cunning then button mashing. every attack can be dodged, and your own attacks must be timed and aimed properly to hit the beast, most of the time, when you get to a new monster, you are almost guarenteed to fail on the first try because you do not know its attack patterns. but through patience, practice, and of course, more practice, it is possible to completely destroy the same monster in under five minutes (time for missions usually ranges around 10-30 minutes for easier quests, and even with 3 other people, high rank quests may take the full 55 minutes allowed) I could go on, but that is for a later blog post.

a great example of fake difficulty, is Ninja Gaiden 2.
Ninja Gaiden one leaned more towards the fair difficulty side, though camera issues prevented it from being a great challenge, NG2 excacerbates these issues.

I do not know for certain, but I am almost positive the enemy is programmed to get out of view of the games camera whenever possible, and then knock you out of your own comboes on the one guy who was foolish enough to get hit, rampant and unavoidable backstabbing is only the tip of the iceberg however.

my biggest issue is the exploding knives, after a certain point enemy ninjas will be equipped with a bottomless bag of these, and their usual trick of backstabbing you becomes "endlessly throw undodgeable (even when you aren't preoccupied) unblockable exploding knives at you that cut off a quarter of your lifebar" these missions become almost a matter of luck rather then skill, naturally your bag of these is limited and the enemy will block them half the time.

even worse, one particular boss is rather easy, until you beat him and he literally blows up in your face on death, you are given no hint that you are supposed to hold the block button, despite the fact your defensive weapon of choice (however magical) has about zero chance of successfully block a massive explosion. its just a random puzzle designed to make you try again. its pointless and merely exists to add frustration.

might I add, this is all on the "easy" difficulty.
essentially, a challenge that is solely of player skill and not how lucky you get with the AI is what I consider good difficultly.

if you have only good and fair difficulty, there is no limit to how hard you can make the game, I relish a challenge like this, sadly games like this are almost the exclusive property of niche markets, Monster Hunter has acheived extreme success in Japan (it sells there like Call of Duty does in America) in America the games sell fairly low, and the last installment (portable 3rd) never saw a western release, which is a shame, those games eat up more of my time then any other series.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Skyrim Wait

Because getting a nice blog up and running means a constant outflow of content, I find an article of some kind every couple days to be a good start while I get in the mood for more constant writing. so here we are.

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim, not simply a RPG, THE RPG for the next five years or so. the reason I started my Youtube Channel was one simple reason, to do a Day 1 Let's Play of Skyrim, record all my experiences, all my failures, and have a really fun time while doing it.

as of this writing, Skyrim is merely a month away, I have had it reserved at the local gamestop for nearly a whole year now, and I highly approve of Bethesda's decision not to reveal the game untl it was less then a year away. while the fact that my most anticipated game of the year (yes, even more so the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but barely) is within 4 months of today, I am not anxious, and I am not impatient, normally, years of being a gaming addict and having to deal with launch dates would make me patient right? no, it doesn't work that way, I'm as impatient as ever, I am actually dealing with the wait time for Skyrim in a rather unique way.

I refuse to believe that it's actually this close.
by convincing myself that Skyrim is still a year or more away, there isn't as much of a wait, rather odd I know, but it seems to work,

I also avoid reading online about it.

however, since I am self hypnotized into believing I won't get to play as myself in a fantasy world for another year, everything is far easier.

also this game was made with me in mind.

absolutely free skill system? Check
Argonians looks badass? Check
main Character has the soul of a Dragon? CHECK!
you're actually killing Wyverns? Check
and, I love The Elder Scrolls, so this is perfect.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Meaning of Forty-Two

Ah... The Hitchhiker's series, a terrific line of comedy novels written by a literary genius, featuring such central themes as tea, Improbability,

Life, The Universe, Everything, and most importantly, Philosophy,

no, that last one is me being totally serious.

a major plot point in the novels is the Infinite Improbability Drive, this drive works on the observation that the more improbable something is,

the more likely it is to happen, and will function by simply working out exactly how improbable what you want is and giving it that number.

It does some crazy stuff, but makes more sense then it should.

in a similar vein, there is the Bistromathic Drive, which functions on another observation,
Numbers written on Restuarant Checks within Restuarants do not follow Mathematical Laws (I can confirm this one myself)
while we are not told exactly how this affects space travel, it does make the ship into a simulated italian bistro, for whatever reason.

while both are clearly absurd, the fact that they actually make sense is what makes this series so notable, nearly every absurdity in the

series makes similar sense, for example, you cannot change anything by traveling back in time, because the changes already occured,

you are just making sure they did. (similarly, time travel has always existed because it was sent back in time)

except one,

nearing the end of the first book, after quite a bit of insane hijinks, a group of hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings (mice, yes as in Jerry

from Tom and Jerry) build a giant super computer to find the meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything.

it takes a few million years, but the computer does get a result, with bated breath, the descendants of the original two rodent philosophers

are at the computers mainframe, ready to hear the Answer.

(heres a secret, the answer is Forty-Two)

naturally the mice are sort of mad that it makes no sense, they demand and explanation for this, the computer simply replies that the reason

they do not understand the Answer is because they do not know the specific details of The Question. so they build another supercomputer

to find the answer, which gets blown up five minutes before outputting the result. (there is a lot more to it, but this is the bare details)

The Question is never revealed in the series, however, 3 years later, I have figured it all out.

now, I'm no philosopher, much less a supercomputer, but here is what I have found.

The Question, when combined with the Answer, naturally would reveal the meaning of life, (in the series it is claimed that if both are known

that they would cancel each other out and remake the universe as something stranger) correct?

so what is the meaning of life? we can do some philosophy algebra here,

Q?= The Question
42 is naturally the answer,

so lets list some meanings of life

Q?+42=Love, nah doesn't work
Q?+42=Food nope,
Q?+42=Religion, no, more then 42 different religions
Q?+42=nothing, so Q? is negative Forty-Two? no.
Q?+42=Find your own.




The Meaning Of Life is to find your own place in it, YOU create your own meaning. Life is Itself Defined by your search for meaning!

Ergo, the Question is actually "How Many Times Has This Question Been Answered" when you know both, the answer goes up by one,

ergo they cancel out, The Search for The Meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything, IS The Meaning of Life, The Universe, and


This makes too much sense, the above examples of "absurd but sensible" statements are just that, absurd, but this is actually true. I wish

Douglas Adams was still alive, he would get a kick out of this.

unless he knew it himself and took it to the grave.........

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Darn, the Future came pretty quickly didn't it?

Well, since the primary focus here will be Gaming, lets start with the only online Game I've played consistently

some people say this game is for kids, some people say it's crappy, some say its a waste of server space

well, IT'S NOT.

trying to describe Runescape is fairly simple, take a freshly realized Fantasy world, come up with unique characters, gods, forces of good and evil, take some great storyline and even the occasional bit of philosophy

take every method of crafting items possible, layer on a large amount of items, locations, the largest playerbase of any online game, a somewhat decent engine and voila.

bake within your browser at 9001 degrees for 10 years and going.

I've been playing it for 7 (almost 8) of those 10, and I haven't gotten a single skill halfway to max yet, and there are over 20 different skills.

however, insane depth (and admittedly, a lot of grinding) certainly isn't everything, in fact, the only thing keeping me playing this game all the time (I play on and off usually, been playing on for a year now) is the awesome community, I happen to be a deputy owner of a decently sized clan, basically the only reason I play every day, without the epic community, I would probably only log in every week or so.

I log essentially every day though, to chat with the guys, do events, raise stats, everything is better with friends!

Welcome to my world!

Blog went live today, not anything here yet, but you'll be seeing things soon enough,

things to expect in the future

Links to my Youtube Videos.

Chronicles of my gaming, naturally

my biased opinions on the games

home projects

maybe a little bit of philosophy

most importantly, some good humor (I hope.)

and mostest importantly Don't Click This Link!

But Please, Do Click This One.