Monday, November 7, 2011

Darned absences.

sorry I was away, again.

on the upside, Skyrim, 5 days, WOOHOO!!!

sorry for the caps lock

anyhow, this time I was away on vacation to my dad's house, normally, my parents are divorced, and under casual circumstances, I would change houses every week on the monday, however, due to the fact I have relatives (1 year, 5, and 10) staying for a few months, studying has become near impossible over there, so I have been at my mothers house primarily for schoolwork.

on the other hand, my Dad's place is in some ways nicer, the primary issue being that at my mothers house, our television just died, its non-functional. I cannot play console games at my mothers house at all, which is aggravating, Skyrim is on the console so I need to go to my dad's place this weekend.

oh yeah, I get a AP European history test next monday, JOY, I lose Skyrim time =(

then, I need to go back to my dad's place every time I want to play Skyrim, which means my Let's play will be staggered, until I can fix my TV at my mothers place at least.

on that note, I have my PSP and Gods Eater Burst at my moms, so I will be getting back to that tomorrow.

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