Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gods Eater Progress

Having an update at last.

Managed to make some story (and equipment) progress in Gods Eater. first I'm going into the gear, because thats the easiest part to talk about.

I've used primarily Longswords and occasionally I use the short blade, not a big fan of buster swords to be honest, in the same vein, I alternate between sniper guns and Assault, still never using my shield for anything other then stat boosts.

I need to constantly get new gear because keeping up with the elements is tough, I use fire the most though, there are plenty of good farmable aragami weak to fire. Longswords, just like in monster hunter, are also extremely high DPS, your allies with new type God Arcs can use an ability called link burst, this is a super mode more powerful then the ordinary burst, and at level three, when combined with the longswords ability to fire a short range explosion, is insanely powerful, the "Impulse Edge" normally takes both stamina and Bullet energy to use, and cannot be used more then 5 times consecutively, however, with a level 3 link burst, stamina and Bullets recharge almost as fast as they are used, allowing me to chain Impulse on a monster as many times as necessary, this often leads to a stagger, and I can stunlock the beast to defeat almost instantly after getting the link burst, its somewhat overpowered, especially if you get abilities to boost Impulse's damage and your element damage, its strong.

secondly, the plot has been making considerable progress past its originally stereotyped beginnings, I am giong to spoil more of the plot below now..


first of all, the player character is made the leader of squad one since Lindow has died. because of this, you start getting assigned special missions from both the definately secretly evil scientist. and the just as obviously Lawful-evil executive of Shinra, I mean Fenrir, well, the organisation does remind me a lot of Shinra in Final fantasy 7: Crisis Core....
wait a minute, in Gods Eater, it was recently revealed that Soma (the ineffectual loner with a big sword) is not only the Directors son, but he was also injected with Jenova... I mean Oracle cells in the womb and his mother died in Childbirth, and he is the prototype for all SOLDI- I mean God Eaters, and, there is a black haired mentor figure who dies, and the player character assumes his place. oh man, this is funny, I think FF7:Crisis Core and Monster Hunter had a child and Named it Gods Eater Burst, what other parallels can I find?
well, that is yet to be seen, but I'll get to the unique plot points,

notably, one recent mission I finished ended with the Scientist (Doc. Sakaki, not Hojo, he certainly isn't as outwardly evil) laying bait and capturing a new aragami, an aragami that happens to have assumed the form of a human and with the ability to speak, as well al learn things instantaneously, this creature (named Shio) has a very enthusiastic manner of speach and a completely alien personality, something that, when written well, is one of my favorite characters in fiction. Shio also notices that Soma is Half Aragami and mentions it a few times, and she is the only being that Soma even slightly opens up around, despite being very suspicious of her (it?) also, there are hints that Angeal- I mean Lindow isn't dead (of course!) his Gods Eater bracelet has been emitting a signal, and I suspect a future mission will involve going to look for it.

Soma will become evil, or turn into a full Aragami.
Lindow has turned into a monster and the part of his personality still left hates it,
The Hero will inherit Lindows sword.
The Hero (whom I now wish I named Zack) will die a heroic sacrifice.


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