Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skyrim is out


obviously this is all that I have been doing for the weekend, I could pre-emptively give this game my Game of the Year award, if it weren't for the fact that I haven't yet played Zelda:Skyward Sword because that game has an equal chance for getting the award, but I can definitely give Skyrim my best RPG and biggest gameworld awards without a second thought.

anyway, naturally the gameworld is beyond huge, is massive. fit for an elder scrolls game of course. there is also so much to do, this bears repeating, there IS SO MUCH TO DO.

here's just a quick tale of an hour of adventuring last night.
I cleared out a tower of werewolf hunters, and came out with a ton of metal and ores, I traveled to the central city, Whiterun, and smithed all the metal I could get into daggers to quickly raise my smithing skill and sell them, I didn't make much money back from the trip, but I did get from 36 smithing to 60, which was great.
then I decided to visit the imperial legion, but due to a previous quest I had in that location, I needed to remove my bounty first. so I head to the thieves guild to get my bounties erased.

finally I arrive in the imperial city of Solitude. so I head up to the castle, on the way, I hear the voice of an Argonian (Lizard people, my favorite race) asking me for help, I talk to him, him and his sister are planning to wreck a boat and take the treasure, I agree.

first step, put out the lighthouse, easy enough. just a quick run to the lighthouse and getting to the flame, simple.

then I find the mission giver again, apparently he and his sis' run a band of marauders, I had hoped they were freelance treasure hunters, but nope.
naturally, I suspected a trap.
so the guy tells me where to find the wreck and my "cut" of the loot. yeah, right.

I head to the wreck, and SURPRISE! it was a trap. yeah,

*sound of a sword being unsheathed, screams of pain and surrender*
yeah, you don't mess with my character in close quarters. ever.
at this point, the original questgiver was still at large, but I had to get off and go to sleep at this point.

also, hooray, 100 hits.

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