Wednesday, October 19, 2011

rather quickly posted list of my favorite games of all time.

rather quick and rough list of my five favorite games of all time

5. The World Ends With You
this game is the modern Earthbound, a modern setting, a rather unique take on the RPG genre, staggering complexity, and a very shocking ending, its too much for me to cover in a single paragraph in a single post suffice to say it is very different from other JRPGS, and certainly not for everyone, but if any modern game deserves to be a cult classic, its TWEWY

4. Pokemon Emerald

The Hoenn region is by far my favorite in pokemon, its green, the pokemon designs were quite original, and features both land and sea in equal parts, it helps that is has my favorite starter of all time (Sceptile) and was fairly balanced in terms of abilities and move combinations.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

I'm not very good at traditional 2D fighters, I completely suck at street fighter, and I'm not to great in Mortal Kombat 9 either. the only traditional 2D fighter I can be competitive in is MvC3, it might be that the characters have great and easy to use comboes, it might be that each fight is more fun when there are 3 life bars to go through, it may be that its the only one I'm particularly great at, but I like it

2. Super Smash Bros Brawl

the smash series was my first ever video game series ever, I love it to death, normally I would put Melee and not brawl in this slot, but with mods, Brawl takes that crown

Metroid Prime 1.


another game I would need an entire essay to espouse the genius of, lets just say part of the reason it is so great is that it was so unexpected, a traditional sidescroller going 3d? and first person at that? mario made it work, Link made it work, and Retro Studios gave Samus a fantastic first person adventure, a few control quirks aside, this game is near perfect in execution.

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