Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Darn, the Future came pretty quickly didn't it?

Well, since the primary focus here will be Gaming, lets start with the only online Game I've played consistently

some people say this game is for kids, some people say it's crappy, some say its a waste of server space

well, IT'S NOT.

trying to describe Runescape is fairly simple, take a freshly realized Fantasy world, come up with unique characters, gods, forces of good and evil, take some great storyline and even the occasional bit of philosophy

take every method of crafting items possible, layer on a large amount of items, locations, the largest playerbase of any online game, a somewhat decent engine and voila.

bake within your browser at 9001 degrees for 10 years and going.

I've been playing it for 7 (almost 8) of those 10, and I haven't gotten a single skill halfway to max yet, and there are over 20 different skills.

however, insane depth (and admittedly, a lot of grinding) certainly isn't everything, in fact, the only thing keeping me playing this game all the time (I play on and off usually, been playing on for a year now) is the awesome community, I happen to be a deputy owner of a decently sized clan, basically the only reason I play every day, without the epic community, I would probably only log in every week or so.

I log essentially every day though, to chat with the guys, do events, raise stats, everything is better with friends!

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